Women’s Cut & Blow Dry- starting at $125

A haircut designed for the individual needs of a woman. Your stylist knows that every woman’s hair is different, and has different needs. Your stylist also understands that your haircut is a big part of your personal appearance. We will help you choose your perfect cut.

Men’s Cut – starting at $55

Your stylist knows that men need a cut that is up-to-date and that it directly reflects who you are. Together with your stylist, you will create a cut that is unique to you.

Child’s Cut – starting at $50

We’re kid-friendly! Little boys and little girls are treated to a haircut just like mom and dad.

Blow Dry- starting at $55

Your hair is shampooed, dried, then straightened or curled. It takes just a little bit of time and gives you a beautiful look.

Conditioning Treatment- starting at $35

A conditioning treatment is designed to instantly restore the beauty of your hair. There are many different formulas designed for each individuals hair needs. With many options to maintain the health of your hair, a treatment can help smooth rebellious hair, preserve color or strengthen fragile hair.

Scalp Treatment- starting at $35

Targeted to deeply cleanse and soothe unbalanced scalps, this treatment exfoliates, moisturizes, and soothes dry, flaky or oily scalps and supports healthy hair growth.