Japanese Relaxer

Japanese hair relaxing is a permanent treatment. The hair will not regain its natural curl until it grows out. Japanese hair relaxing is also known as thermal reconditioning because it requires numerous steps involving chemicals and heat treatments to permanently remove curl from the hair. The procedure takes from four to six hours depending on the length, thickness and condition of the hair.

Express Keratin Blowout (formaldehyde-free)

The EXPRESS treatment eliminates frizz, softens the curl, and lasts approximately 4-6 weeks. This treatment does not guarantee straight hair, but will reduce drying time and repair internal damage and coats the hair to prevent further damage. The result is to have your natural texture minus the frizz.

Keratin Smoothing Treatment (formaldehyde-free)

KERATIN Smoothing treatment is meant to smooth and relax naturally curly hair by 50-8-%. Results will vary depending on the type of curl. This treatment will smooth the curls in the hair, making it wavy or completely straight and lasts up to 3 months.